Feierabend Fundamentals offers FAME hosted professional development for our tuneful, beatful, artful community

The Feierabend Association for Music Education (FAME) was founded in 2012 to celebrate and share the unique teachings of Dr. John Feierabend with a wider audience of music educators.

The specific objectives and purposes of FAME are:

  1. to promote the Feierabend philosophy of music education in the United States and in other countries and to encourage the aesthetic, musical and general growth of the individual at all stages of development;
  2. to promote the Feierabend philosophy that all people have the potential to become tuneful, beatful and artful, and that this should be developed as early as possible in childhood with the goal that all people will develop an interest in seeking out opportunities to sing together, dance together and be moved by expressive music.
  3. to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and encourage the application of the Feierabend philosophy to the multi-ethnic, multicultural musical heritage of the United States and the world at large.