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LIVE and Virtual Certification Offerings:

 -20+ hour certification courses in

First Steps in Music and 

Conversational Solfege Levels 1 / 2 


First Steps in Music (™) is a research-based, curricular framework combining the development of singing and movement skills in order to maximize musical aptitude in young children, typically grades PreK-2. The eight-part “workout” is designed to encourage musical independence and creativity through joyful activities and experiences shared with others while developing the prerequisite skills needed for music literacy: singing in tune, keeping a steady beat, and developing sensitivity to the expressive elements of music. 


First Steps is a developmentally appropriate music education framework for instruction with techniques that provide pathways to meeting students where they are in their musical development, no matter the age or ability. 

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Conversational Solfege (™) is a pedagogical method to be used with children who have already developed tuneful, beatful, and artful skills and are ready to develop a deeper understanding of melody and rhythm. Conversational Solfege develops the comprehension of music through the use of rhythm and solfege syllables aurally, at a conversational level, then gradually evolves into written music notation. Through carefully sequenced activities, Conversational Solfege enables students to joyfully assimilate the skills and content necessary to be musically literate.


Through various techniques, Conversational Solfege allows the acquisition of musical reading and writing, dictation, improvisation, and composition in an intuitive manner. This course is applicable to general music, choral, and instrumental teachers.

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Conversational Solfege Upper Levels further explores the development of music literacy through analyzing songs and creating a sequence of learning, based on song content and skill development.  Strategies include listening, reading, writing, writing lesson plans, and establishing yearly goals and an introduction of how to teach harmonic function in major and minor tonalities as they apply to improvisation and composition.  This course is applicable to upper elementary general music, as well as middle school and high school choral, and instrumental teachers.


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Dr. Feierabend’s teaching has provided thousands of teachers and their students with the materials and techniques to help build community through music by evoking enthusiastic participation. His approach strives for all people to become tuneful, beatful and artful through research based and developmentally appropriate pedagogies while building community through singing, dancing, and music making. 

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What does it mean to teach with a Feierabend Focus?


  • Teaching with a 30-year plan in mind. All people should be able to enjoy singing together, dancing together and listening to beautiful music together, in turn building community through music, the 30-year plan that students will see themselves within and they themselves perpetuate”

  • Striving for all students to become musically independent so they can musically synchronize with others.

  • Preserving and promoting aural/oral traditions by first learning music first by ear. Then, later on, learning there is a way to see music… called “notation.”

  • Expressing music THROUGH instruments rather than using instruments to HEAR music.

  • Understanding that being tuneful, beatful and artful is important for all people. Learning notation and playing instruments is important for some people….  but only after they become tuneful, beatful and artful.


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